Singly Homed BGP routing

Information supplied by ViaNet
ViaNet WAN IP address:
Customer WAN IP address:
WAN IP netmask:
LAN IP allocation:
LAN IP netmask:
ViaNet ASN:7091
Customer ASN:65535

Router Config
! Allow use of zero'th subnet
ip subnet-zero
! Disable obsolete IP address classfulness assumptions
ip classless

interface serial 0/0
  desc T1 to ViaNet PacBell Circuit
  ip address
  no shutdown

interface fastether  0/0
  desc Local ethernet LAN
  ip address
  no ip directed-broadcast
  no shutdown

! default route
ip route serial 0/0

router bgp 65535
 no synchronization
 bgp always-compare-med
 bgp log-neighbor-changes
 ! announcing just 1 /24
 neighbor remote-as 7091
 neighbor desc ViaNet

CSU/DSU Config
Your CSU/DSU should be set for the following options:

  • B8ZS/ESF line coding
  • Clock Source: line
  • Starting channel: 1
  • Number of channels: 24
  • Channel sequence: contiguous

    Note: Most brands of CSU/DSU's that we've used (Kentrox/Digital Link/ADTRAN) are correctly configured for T1 use when reset to factory defaults.