Leased Lines

ViaNet offers a variety of leased line products.  Each of these products gives your business a direct connection to the Internet backbone.

VMAN FIBER – Our Metro Area Networking products (VMAN), offer flexible fast Internet connections from speeds of 5 Mbits/sec to 1000 Mbits/sec. This service is provisioned over wide area fiber and is the most robust and reliable connection we offer today.   If you have a growing business, let VMAN grow with you. Order 5 Mbits/sec today, and as your bandwidth needs grow, simply call us and we'll turn up your speed as your needs dictate. No need to install a new line, change out equipment or otherwise fool around with messy logistics.   If you have multiple locations, VMAN can be used to connect those locations at a layer 2 level. VMAN offers the ability to give you Internet connectivity as well as inter-office connectivity over a single physical link.   If your business is growing, needs fast reliable Internet and/or inter-office connectivity, then VMAN Fiber is for you!

T1 – The most reliable form of Internet connection for business. Our T1 lines provide 1.5 megabits per second. If Internet access is critical to your business, then ViaNet’s T1 is the preferred connection for small to mid size companies.  Our T1s offer the greatest uptime that corporate networks demand.

T3  - A faster connection for larger businesses.  Our T3s deliver 45 megabits a second.  Ideal for companies with large corporate networks or who have many active web servers.

OC3 – 155 megabits per second.  A high-speed, fiber delivered connection for companies with high bandwidth demands.